EdTech 506: Personal Introduction Image — August 28, 2016

EdTech 506: Personal Introduction Image

Personal Introduction EdTech 506

I enjoyed making my first image for Ed Tech 506.  It really got me excited about what I will learn from this class.  I love making graphics but as you can see, I definitely have a lot of learning to do!  I used Adobe Fireworks to create my image and spent a lot of time figuring out how the program worked and how to manipulate things in the way I wanted.  I feel pretty comfortable using this program going forward, although I’m sure there is a lot more about it!

I chose to use a corkboard as my background because I feel like I am always using them to hold to do lists and stick things that make me happy, to remind me that life isn’t that crazy!  School starts for me tomorrow so things are about to get crazy again, but I am excited to get back in a more solid routine.  On top of teaching I coach both softball and cross country after school and into the evenings.  I played college softball at St. John Fisher and it was a huge part of my life.  I loved my college and our athletic department so I am always hanging up Fisher Athletic posters in my classroom and my new house.  This past May I got an awesome black lab puppy and along with her came my engagement ring, so that is why there is a wedding planning to do list on this board as well!  My puppy’s name is Nike and she is so much fun!  I will probably plaster my classroom with pictures of her this fall!