This image will be used multiple times throughout the 8th grade Presidential unit.  Students will first use this image when they are introduced to the roles of the President.  They will then develop definitions for these roles that better help to break down the roles the president fulfills.  In addition, students will use this image as a checklist when creating a daily agenda for the President.

For this image I focused on symmetry and using the white space on either side of the writing to help focus the students.  I also wanted to emphasize the text in the middle as important and necessary to the learners.  By using symmetry and space I was able to chunk the important information and show separation between the title and the content.

Originally I had the roles separated into different text boxes, which was overwhelming to the viewer.  Next I used bullets to separate the roles.  I finally went with the check boxes, to follow past formats I have used, as well as, make his image more usable for the students.