Part 1

Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum is one of the courses I have been looking forward to the most in the M.E.T. program.  I was excited to explore the many different possibilities of technology in the classroom.  Each of the projects helped me to try out new tools and applications and also challenge my thinking of how I can best teach my students.  When looking back at my vision statement, I am able to reflect at how my original thoughts shaped many of my projects and much of my research.  I found that social constructivism and connectivism are a huge part of my classroom and influenced how I created many of my projects.  I looked to create situations where students can create and collaborate together, and at times connect with a more authentic audience.

This course helped me to deepen my understanding and show mastery of the AECT standards promoted by the M.E.T. program at Boise State. In this course the main focuses were on Standard 1 – Content Knowledge,  Standard 2 – Content Pedagogy, and Standard 5 – Research.  

For Standard 1 – Through the creation of my weekly projects I was able to show the development of my content knowledge.  Each week we learned about a new possibility for integrating technology into the classroom.  The resources provided and the course textbook helped me to build a broad understanding of these technologies and tools and drastically increase my content knowledge.  Through the projects I demonstrated ways to use these new tools, as well as, evaluate their overall effectiveness for possible activities.  

For Standard 2 – In applying the knowledge I gained in each unit I was bale to create lesson plans that demonstrated how to best use these new tools.  I also reflected on how some of the tools provide a relative advantage to teaching and learning.

For Standard 5 – Each of the projects for this unit helped me to understand how to include technologies into teaching and learning.  I used my knowledge of theoretical foundations to guide my research and development of lesson plans.  I also conducted research on adaptive technologies to to assess and evaluate the best method for its uses.  In doing so I used some of the tools myself, which helped me to get more hands on experience as to how my learners might use these tools.  

All of my work in this course has helped provide me with a better frame of mine for the uses of technology.  As I mentioned in my original vision statement, I do not believe technology should be used as a simple substitution, rather it should be used to enhance the learning experience and take it to heights it may not have reached before.  By learning all of the different technology tools and integration strategies I feel confident in implementing them into my classroom.  I feel as though I have gained a better understanding of social constructivism and how it can be enhanced through technology.  Many of the projects I created for this course I have already or plan to use in my classroom.  I am excited about all of the possibilities.  

I also am very appreciative of the “Technology in the Content Areas” projects.  These pushed my thinking outside of my content area and challenged me to try new things.  While I might have struggled in these projects at first, I think they will be the most valuable as I hope to become a technology coach in my school district.  I think projects like this can be the most beneficial to enhancing myself as an educator and future technology leader.

Part 2

Content – 70 points

When looking back through my posts I think they provide a good overview of each topic, as well as more in depth information getting at the specific content of the post.  I tried to include connections to my classroom or classroom examples found in my research.  I believe that many of my posts provided some unique insights and helped to synthesize much of the information gathered.

Readings and resources – 18 points

In all but 2 of my blogs I included additional resources to the textbook provided for this course.  I used a variety of intext citations and paraphrasing to share my findings from the resources I used.  I do beleive I can improve by adding additional peer reviewed resources to my posts, accessing the Boise State databases, as well as improving my APA citations.

Timeliness – 18 points

The majority of my posts were made with at least one day of advance for comments to be made.  While not all of my posts were commented on, I did receive several thoughtful responses from classmates.  I do beleive in the future I should provide at least one more day for classmates to post on my blogs, as sometimes it was later on Sunday and most students had already completed their responses prior to the Monday deadline.

Responses to other students – 30 points

I always provided responses to classmates blogs that acknowledged something I found interesting or questioned in their blog post.  I made sure to reference a part from their blog and also attempted to build on the thoughts of others when it was applicable.