Ed Tech 543: Initial Thoughts — August 29, 2015

Ed Tech 543: Initial Thoughts

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere sign on white background.

I am very excited for what this semester has in store for me!  Social Networking is a huge part of my students lives, and even my life so why shouldn’t it be a part of the learning process?  I am looking forward to discovering ways to use social networking in my classroom.  I am already excited about using Diigo.  With inquiry being a huge part of my curriculum, providing a space for students to share annotated resources from their research will be awesome!

I have used Twitter and Facebook in a limited capacity for my professional development.  I know there are great resources out there, but I was not always sure of how to find them.  After setting up my TweetDeck, I was already able to find some great articles and resources on Educational Technology.

I really have not incorporated much social media into my classroom environment, truly out of fear.  I did not feel 100% comfortable having my students use social media because I was worried about the implications outside of school.  However, I can now see that using social media in the classroom can be a great way t motivate students to create a positive digital footprint.

I am hopeful that this course will help me discover ways to use social media in the classroom.  I look forward to learning new instructional strategies and collaborating with classmates throughout the course.  I am very excited about how Ed Tech 543 will transform my classroom and help my students drive their own learning!