EdTech 501 Course Reflection — August 12, 2015

EdTech 501 Course Reflection

EdTech 501 was a great introduction into the field of Educational Technology.  I would like to pursue a career in educational technology consultant and this course helped introduce me to the aspects of the field that go beyond the “flashy” technology.

  • What challenges did you face in this course?

This was my first course at the graduate level.  While I feel that my undergrad helped prepare me, I did feel a bit challenged when following the APA format.  I still have a long way to go, but I am appreciative of the feedback I received that will help me better understand how to use APA.  An exciting challenge was using new technology tools.  At times I would grow frustrated because I did not understand how to use something, but after a lot of trial and error I felt confident in my new technological skills.  I also just found the pace of the summer course to be a challenge.  I decided to take 2 courses this summer without understanding the fast paced summer work-load.

  • What strategies or other creative resources did you use to address these challenges?

I found the Purdue OWL APA resources to be very helpful when completing assignments.  I reviewed the resources over and over to make sure I had the proper set-ups.  I also used the example provided by the professor to help me see exactly how things should be set up using APA in each particular assignment.  I definitely benefit from viewing exemplars. Maybe that’s why I use them so much for my own students?

  • Which artifact do you feel was your best and why?

I felt that my school evaluation summary was my best artifact.  I think that using the survey to really evaluate my school district helped me gather all of my thoughts in a concise format.  It really helped me to write a good reflection and truly understand where my school stands with their technology plan.  I also felt that I was able to explain the demographics of my school well by blending my writing with visuals.

  • What is one thing you plan to do in your school or business as a result of this course?

I definitely want to play a larger role in technology integration at my school.  I plan to work closer with my educational technology specialists to create lesson plans and professional development session that help the teachers in my school feel more comfortable with technology in the classroom.  I also plan to create flip videos for many of the topics in my curriculum.  I enjoyed using Screencast-o-matic for assignments during this course and am excited to use this to create instructional videos throughout the school year.  I know that I can’t do everything at once, so I will definitely need to pace myself.  But I am excited to see how technology can improve my classroom and excite my students!